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Rest Your Head

Master Bedroom Suite

(These two rooms are booked together.)

The upstairs guest bedroom has a queen/full size bed with a comfortable mattress. This master bedroom has it own attached en suite private bathroom. The room is cozy and you can work on your laptop or just watch TV, read or even better take a nap.

​      There is plenty of privacy and you can enjoy a morning swim in the 45,000 gallon pool under your own supervision, no children without adult supervision allowed at any time. You can enjoy your morning outside by the picnic table with your book or newspaper or you can choose to take a walk into the historic town of Kinderhook for breakfast. We do have central air conditioning for your comfort.


Cozy and comfortable second bedroom
Second Smaller Bedroom

The small bedroom, which is located right next to the Master Bedroom, is perfect for single occupancy and/or children. The bathroom is shared with the Master Bathroom. The small bedroom has a queen/full size bed.

Proud to be Green!

For our eco-travelers, we are doing our part to be an eco-friendly B&B. Mile Hill offers energy- efficient heating system and appliances.  For a natural country touch, we laundry towels and sheets with green products, and we line dry these items outside in the sunshine during good weather, giving them a wonderful, clean and crisp pure aroma and a bit of heaven to sleep on. Other green touches include:

  • Energy-efficient lighting

  • Low-cost water heating

  • Active recycling program, which includes donation of old towels and such to local charities

  • Fresh wild flowers in the room

  • Good quality well water and

  • An overall clean environment that adds to Mile Hill B&B's rustic old farmhouse elegance!

Spacious Master Bedroom
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